Here is How We Process Your Ideas & Feedback

Dear ISNA Canada Well-Wisher,

Got a concern, a complaint, a suggestion, or an idea?

Your feedback is critical to ISNA Canada’s work.

Your ideas drive ISNA Canada team to enhance its service to the community.

We are here to listen and learn.

How to Give Feedback

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Online: Fill out this form
  3. Print Form at an ISNA center
  4. In person to an ISNA staff

 How will Your Feedback be Processed?

  1. Receive & Record: A feedback, a complaint, or an idea from an ISNA Canada Well Wisher (community member, attendee, volunteer, donor, or staff) is recorded and acknowledged by the ISNA Listens Coordinator within 2 business days.
  2. Share: ISNA Listens Coordinator shares the feedback with the Executive Director and administration.
  3. Evaluate and Investigate: Within 3 business days of the receipt of the feedback,  Executive Director and management team conduct a timely evaluation of the feedback to determine:
    1. whether the feedback and the possible solution are aligned with the ISNA Canada’s strategic objects and goals
    2. the amount of time and resources involved in addressing the feedback
    3. if the resources required to address the feedback would require approval from the ISNA Canada board
    4. who the feedback should be assigned to
  4. Assign: If the feedback proposal is accepted by ISNA administration and board, depending on the type of feedback, i.e. facilities maintenance, programming, events, volunteer/staff, communications, donations…etc., it is assigned to the appropriate staff or program team for further research and possible resolution.
  5. Implement Solution: If the feedback proposal is accepted by ISNA administration and board, it is implemented based on a timeline determined by ISNA administration.
  6. Report: Once the feedback is addressed and the proposed solution is implemented, the case will be closed and the execution plan, timelines, and progress will be reported to  ISNA Well Wisher.

 We are Eager to Hear Your Feedback!