Sh. Huzaifah Khan’s Decision

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allah,

We were saddened by the news of our esteemed Sh. Huzaifah’s decision to leave his position of ICC imam and move to serve another community.

Sh. Huzaifah has been a pillar of our community, his soothing voice has become a reference for reciters, and his welcoming demeanor has made many of us feel at home at ISNA. 

We ask Allah SWT to give him tawfeeq in everything he does.   We are jealous already of the centre that will benefit from his presence but we find solace in knowing that Sh. Huzaifah will be benefiting the community at large.

We will miss Sh. Huzaifah, especially for his melodic signature qiraat that became synonymous with our masjid prayers, especially during Ramadan.

Please stay tuned as we plan for a farewell gathering to thank Sh. Huzaifah for all his contributions.

ISNA Canada Board