We are here to serve you

Our board members are a diverse group of community leaders, elected by the members, to volunteer their time to serve our community by:

  • Setting the direction of ISNA Canada to meet the needs of our communities
  • Ensuring the availability and proper utilization of all resources
  • Providing oversight to ensure fulfillment of all legal, ethical and moral obligations of ISNA Canada

Here are examples of our board’s responsibilities:

  • Developing policies to support ISNA Canada’s mission and vision
  • Hiring, supporting and assessing the Executive Director
  • Overseeing the execution of the strategic and operational plans, and the compliance with regulatory laws

Current Board Members:

Burhana Bello: [email protected]
Interim Chair

Chihab Kaab: [email protected]

Usman Siddiqui: [email protected]

Nabeel Mirza: [email protected]

Mike Singh: [email protected]

Raadiya Mohamed: [email protected]

Mostafa Soliman: [email protected]

Absal Abdulhafedh: [email protected]