Booking Facilities at the Islamic Centre of Canada (ICC).

We are happy to share our facilities with the community. Here’s how to make bookings, discover pricing, and everything else you need to know about the ICC.

A schedule and list of prices: ICC Rental Facilities Rate Card

Fill out this form to schedule a booking: ICC Facilities Rental Form & Conditions of Use
(Make sure to read the conditions.)

Email us to make sure the room you want to book is available:

You’ll need to make all bookings at least 72 hours in advance (that’s 3 days!) unless it’s an emergency and we’re able to accommodate you.

  • You can come to the centre and check it out for yourself before booking
  • You’ll need to pay a deposit when you book
  •  When you submit your form and deposit and we process your booking, we’ll send you a confirmation
  •  We’ll even contact you a few days before your event to confirm that everything is going according to plan
  •  If you want to post a poster about your event you’ll need to get approval by contacting us.

Parking: We have a significantly large parking lot (292 spaces), but we do recommend car pooling when possible. There’s no street parking close by and neighbouring businesses have private lots. We take parking seriously, so if someone parks in the wrong place, especially on the fire route, cars will be towed.