Funeral Services

Losing a loved one is difficult and having to arrange a funeral can be overwhelming and confusing. We’re here to help and make things a little easier.  

We’ll be with you every step of the way. We have a dedicated team with over a decade of experience. We promise to keep respect and professionalism at the forefront of this process. Please reach out to us by phone. If there’s anything we can do to ease your time of grief, do let us know. 

What to do?

We’ll walk you through the process. If required, we can meet to discuss arrangements.

Our Services Include: 

  • Transportation of deceased from hospital in fully equipped funeral van
  • Storage in morgue until burial
  • Washing/Ghusl service
  • Casket and Kafan
  • Janazah/Funeral Prayer
  • Local gravesite options across GTA (two specific locations available via ISNA)
  • Transportation of deceased to burial site


Once the body of the deceased is ready for release from the facility, within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the Funeral Coordinator will:

  • Transport the body to the Masjid
  • Make arrangements for bathing and shrouding (ghusl and tafkeen)
  • Make arrangements for the burial
  • Conduct the funeral prayer
  • Transport the deceased to the cemetery
  • Conduct the burial
  • Register death and obtain permit
  • Provide 9 copies of proof of death forms
  • Invoice for funeral costs
  • Provide an information sheet of what to do after the burial

Things you should know: 

  • Timings for funeral related services are 9am to 3pm daily
  • Burial arrangements cannot be made on Sundays
  • Any pickup that is required outside the GTA, will have to be arranged by the family
  • Burial arrangements will  be made at Meadowvale cemetery and Glen Oaks cemetery
  • If the family makes burial arrangements, transportation can be arranged to the following cemeteries:
    • Brampton Memorial
    • Burlington Memorial
    • Glenview Memorial Gardens
    • Glendale Memorial Gardens
    • Beechwood Cemetery
    • York Cemetery
  • If Funeral Coordinators are mistreated, harassed or disrespected, we reserve the right to decline any services
  • Only one funeral arrangement is possible per day on a first come, first serve basis. A second arrangement is only possible if time permits.
  • Additional charges will apply if a service is requested to be conducted at another Masjid or Islamic Centre
  • Call 416-904-5850. We’ll walk you through the process. If required, we can meet to discuss arrangements. 
  • We will guide and help you make all decisions about the burial and funeral prayer:
    • Select burial site (unless a grave has been pre-purchased)
    • Discuss and make arrangements for payment (list of cost provided below)
    • Obtain the Death Certificate from the Government of Ontario

Fees Structure

Adult Funeral

  • Masjid service charge $1,300.
  • Grave $2,800 – $5,050 (Based on location)
  • Cemetery Service Charge (call Cemetery to confirm)

Total Cost Range: $5,340 – $7,800 (Based on location)

Child Funeral

  • Masjid service charge $550.
  • Grave (Family needs to buy directly from Cemetery)

Total Cost Range: $1,600 – $1,900