Family Social Events

Community building is a major aspect and theme of Islam and in the Quran.

Description: Family Events program team has been hosting monthly family social events since February 2009.   The events promote a social atmosphere for families to make diverse, multicultural and inter-generational connections.  

Lectures/Presentations:  Each month there are relevant and diverse topics presented to the community by religious scholars and subject matter experts who help to build the community, enlighten the audience with knowledge and thought provoking discussions and also provide a lighter and entertaining atmosphere at times.

Frequency of Events:  The events are held on the last Saturday of every month starting at 7:00 PM

Schedule of 2019 Events:

  • Jan 26th – Monthly Potluck – Complete
  • Feb 23rd – Monthly Potluck – Complete
  • March 30th – Monthly Potluck – Complete
  • April 27th – Monthly Potluck – Complete
  • May- Ramadan, no event
  • June 29th – Monthly Potluck – Complete
  • July 27th -Monthly Potluck – Complete
  • August 31st – Monthly Potluck – Coming Soon!
  • Sept. 28th- Monthly Potluck – Save the date!
  • Oct. 26th – Monthly Potluck – Save the date!
  • Nov. 30th – Monthly Potluck – Save the date!

Audience: All families, children, parents and grandparents are welcome to attend.

Children’s Program: Free babysitting for kids available

Meals: Families are encouraged to bring a potluck dish to share.

Special Feature: Flash Sales offered monthly | All proceeds go towards running the program and bringing more programs for the community

Registration Required | FREE Entry

Volunteer Participation: The program is led by community volunteers and new volunteer participation is welcomed and encouraged. The team has successfully grown youth leadership at all levels.