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The Islamic Center of Canada provides funeral services at the Masjid located in Mississauga, in the ISNA Canada Head Quarters.

Our knowledgeable and highly motivated staff and volunteers (sisters and brothers) are always ready to help with the funeral services, which includes:

  • Transportation of the Deceased: from the place of death to the ISNA Masjid and from the Masjid to the cemetery.
  • Ghusul (Washing / Bathing body), shrouding and providing the casket
  • Offering Salat-Janaza (Funeral Prayer)

If you wish to receive emails about the funerals/janaza prayers at ICC please register by sending an email to [email protected]

Need Help With Cost and Transfer?

Ontario Works may cover the cost of funeral services including transfer of the deceased from the place of death.

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Before or upon news of a death, begin preparations by contacting the office:

  1. Office Phone 905 403 8406 ext: 240 or after hours / emergency: 416 904 5850
  2. Make an appointment to visit the funeral office.

Family of the deceased must visit the funeral office with information and make decisions:

  1. Select grave availability/options (If grave has not been pre purchased) from either cemetery at Meadowvale or Glen Oaks locations.
  2. Pay for the funeral services (transportation, plot, permits, shroud, coffin etc.).
  3. Provide information to ISNA Canada:
    1. Hospital Release Form.
    2. Statement of Death: Form #15 for registration with the Province.
    3. Mayyat (Deceased) Information Form. Note: Book the ISNA Canada Facilities department for azaa/bereavement function, costs, as required. For further information, visit or call 905.403.8406 ext 305.

ISNA Canada funeral office shall complete the following paperwork:

  1. BURIAL PERMIT (FORM #19) taken to the city office to get the permit.
  2. CEMETERY ORDER FORM (includes family details) for grave opeining/closing.

Funeral service team will assist with the following activities:

  1. Place an order with the cemetery for the lot and burial.
  2. Arrange to pick up body from the hospital or from the home.
  3. Arrange date/time with family/volunteers for washing/shrouding and funeral prayer.
  4. Make announcements via our internal email list and prayer times about funeral service.
  5. Invite our regular congregation to the funeral service.

Family of deceased must ensure that:

  1. Family/community/friends are informed about the timing of funeral prayer.
  2. Arrive on time for washing/prayer service.

Family of deceased must MAKE PAYMENTS prior to funeral service:

  1. Bank draft or cash payable to “ISNA Canada”
  2. Cemetery for opening/closing of grave paid directly to the cemetery.

ISNA Canada Funeral service shall provide the following forms:

  1. 7 copies of PROOF OF DEATH forms.
  2. Death benefit if applicable.
  3. Form to apply for original Death Certificate (from the province). This is also available on-line.
  4. Invoice of Funeral Costs.

Funeral Cost Information

Effective January 17, 2019
Locations and cost for Funeral Services
Meadovale Glen Oaks
Grave Lot $2,675.00 $5,050.00
Transportation, Kafan and Box $1,250.00 $1,250.00
Vurial Registration $50.00 $50.00
Total payable to ISNA Canada: $3,975.00 $6,350.00
Opening/Closing of the Grave (Adult)
Total payable to the Cemetary
$1,197.80 $1378.60