Juma Khateeb Schedule 2019


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Daily Prayer Times an Hijri Calendar

ISNA Canada’s Official position regarding daily prayer times and the lunar Hijri calendar

The Islamic Society of North America-Canada (ISNA Canada) follows
www.moonsighting.com in regards to prayer timings for the five daily prayers. ISNA Canada also follows
the Fiqh Council of North America in regards to the lunar hijri calendar.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 905.403.8406 ext. 314 or by email.

Imam’s Letter Regarding Daily Prayers Times

Please feel free to review the imams letter – Download

July 23, 2019
Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr5:31 am 4:22 am
Sunrise6:01 am
Zuhr1:29 pm 1:40 am
Asr5:31 pm 4:30 pm
Maghrib8:56 pm 5:42 pm
Isha6:57 pm 10:36 pm

Islamic Centre of Canada (ICC)

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