You’re getting married, congratulations! May Allah bless your life together. We invite you to hold your wedding ceremony at ICC with one of our imams to officiate. 

Here’s what you need to know to book your big day:

  1. You need to book the Imam on your own by contacting them directly (list and contact info below).
  2. The masjid facilities need to be booked separately
  3. You’ll need to get your marriage license from city hall and drop it off to our office before your scheduled event.
  4. You’ll also need to provide 2 pieces of ID (driver license, passport, etc.). 
  5. The girl’s wali along with 2 chosen witnesses need to be present at the time of marriage and will be required to sign documentation. 
  6. The dowry must be agreed upon between the couple, you can choose to write it into the contract if you wish. 
  7. Please make sure your guests are told about masjid etiquettes before they arrive. 
  8. Food is not allowed in the prayer area but you do have the option to book other facilities if you want to serve your guests. 

May Allah SWT bless your union. Let us know how we can make this day special for you.