Join today and carry the ISNA® Canada card with pride — experience the joy of being part of a national movement. The doors of ISNA are wide open for your participation! (Note: Applicant must be age 18 or older)

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Some key reasons to become a member and join hands with ISNA® Canada:

Islam is growing at a high speed in North America, alhamdulillah. The Muslim population has exceeded the mark of eight million people in the region. In order to ensure that the Muslim voice is heard loud and clear in all forums of policy making and governance, Muslims need strong organizations. 

ISNA® Canada is an association of Muslim organizations and individuals serving such needs in Canada and other countries. ISNA® Canada’s mission is to provide a unified platform for expression on Islam, to develop educational, Da’wah and social services that translate the teachings of the Qu’ran and the Sunnah into everyday living, and to enhance Islamic identity in the society at large. 

ISNA® Canada has lots to offer you besides kinship and the privilege of being part of a national movement:

  • Discounted rates for the registration to participate in the ISNA® Canada Annual Convention (the longest running event of its kind) in Greater Toronto Area and / or the ISNA® Canada West Annual Conference in British Columbia and Alberta.
  • Discounted rates (5%) for the registrant at the ISNA Canada Bookstore.
  • Right to vote during ISNA® Canada elections – exercise your right by helping to choose the leadership of your organization.

ISNA Canada services include consultation and advice to Muslim communities, interfaith outreach and providing networking opportunities for Muslim professionals in their specialties.

Note: Individual Regular Membership is renewable on a calendar year basis, no later than 30 days from the Gregorian calendar year end date. (ISNA Canada by law).