MYNA Activities coming soon:

MISSION COGNITION:  MYNA Toronto will be hosting in the near future. Firstly, on March 30th MYNA Toronto will be hosting Mission Cognition, an event where Muslim youth will have the opportunity to visit a Church and a Synagogue to learn about Christianity and Judaism from a Priest and a Rabbi. After visiting the Church and Synagogue, we will return to ISNA Masjid to reflect on what we learned. This event is a perfect opportunity for your children to enrich their understanding of the Abrahamic religions Inshallah.

FIRST ANNUAL SPRING CAMP: From April 19th-22nd MYNA Toronto will be hosting its first annual spring camp. The theme for this camp is Honour and Humility. The aim of this camp is to bring together Muslim youth from across the GTA in order to strengthen their Iman, as well as create an everlasting bond of brotherhood and sisterhood. We are looking forward to seeing your children at both of these events Inshallah.