1–Knowledge Exchange Sessions (monthly)

Provide Knowledge Exchange sessions on relevant topics for seniors: health, social,
cultural, and psychological by bringing in subject specialist speakers from the community and also collaboration with external organizations.

2— “Get better & Stay better.”

Seniors Forum Fitness Program includes:

1-implementation of exercise and fitness program for seniors that focuses on improving balance, increasing mobility, and building strength.       

2- provide an approach to prevent falls, reduce injuries and increase awareness of safety within the participant’s daily activities.     

3- develop an understanding of risks, falls prevention strategies and post-fall injuries,       

4- increase participants’ independence, cognition, mobility and quality of life.

This program will be custom tailored, considering the baseline and the goal of the participants. A regular individual assessment of goal achievement will be conducted.

There will be two sessions of one hour each at ICC and Al Falah every week, on Thursdays (after asr prayers)

The program will be conducted by a qualified fitness instructor from McMaster University.

3–Seniors Helping Seniors initiatives

Seniors Distress Help
A growing number of elderly couples don’t have the required support mechanism to conduct daily chores or the means to solicit timely help. Increasingly,
lonely and elderly couples live in isolation and need help from the community during distress situations – they may require urgent attention at their homes, a drive to hospital or doctor, support on the telephone, need for food, moral support, etc. This initiative will aim to minimize their stress through your support.  This initiative will help our fellow seniors better cope with the crisis, loneliness, and emotional stress.  Having the support of a friendly person who cares about your feelings and what you’re going through can make all the difference.
Ride Share 
Often, seniors in your neighborhood want to attend various programs and have no transportation available. Providing rides to those seniors based on your availability would help them greatly in their participation in various programs.