Our seniors and elderly (50+) are growing in number and are a valuable part of our community. The Seniors Forum service provides an energizing platform for seniors across diverse ethnic backgrounds to engage in learning, socialize, and preparing them for active and healthy aging. Our focus is on a variety of educational learning programs and workshops covering the subjects of interest to seniors to remain healthy and independent and to assist them with lifestyle decisions. Periodic social meet-ups and fitness sessions are organized to help seniors mingle and interact with each other and reduce social isolation and loneliness.

Our Team has created events and programs especially catered to you. We also welcome your input and contribution to all our programs and events.

So, if you would like to volunteer or have ideas and suggestions, let one of our team members know.

Current programs:

Weekly Fitness Class – Prepare for active and healthy aging! We have two fitness programs every week: 

Monthly Forum Events –  Learn, network, mingle

Once a month we arrange a workshop with topics relevant to you. 

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Carpool: Are you able to give someone a ride? Or, are you in need of a ride to our programs? Let us know and we’ll try to connect you.

Past Senior Forum Events

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