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We are here to listen to you and do our best to satisfy your needs whether you are a community member, a volunteer, a contributor or just interested to know what we do.

Please feel free to contact one of our team members

Current Staff – Mississauga

Abdalla Idris Ali: [email protected] | ext. 205
Senior Community and Religious Advisor

Alaa Elsayed: [email protected] | ext. 314
Resident Scholar

Seema Khan: [email protected] | ext. 222
Communications Manager

Shameem Mohammed: [email protected] | ext. 239
Finance Manager

Mansoor Mohamed: [email protected] | ext. 204
Accounting Assistant

Yasmen Zaghloul: [email protected] | ext. 208
Office Coordinator

Dawood Zwink: [email protected] | ext. 238
Halal Certification Services

Musaab Maniar: [email protected]
Halal Certification Coordinator

Ryan Hilliard: [email protected] | ext. 237
Youth and Volunteer Manager

Hosam Helal: [email protected] | 228
Youth Counsellor and Educator

Aminna Syed: [email protected] | ext. 231
Fund Development Manager

Islamic Centre of Canada (ICC) Staff – Mississauga

Huzaifa Khan: [email protected] | ext. 202
Imam of ICC

Mohammad Ilyas: [email protected] | ext. 305
Maintenance Supervisor (Rentals and Bookings)

Muhammad Patel and Farid Uddin: [email protected] | ext. 240
Funeral Services

Mahamad Maniar: [email protected] | ext. 218
ISNA Bookstore Coordinator

Jami Mosque Staff – Toronto

Amjed Syed: [email protected] | ext. 0
Office Administrator

Hamdy Abdelghaffar: [email protected] | ext. 5
Imam of Jami Mosque