ISNA Canada has been serving the community for over 40 years. We invite you to join our legacy. Grab a share in the reward of every prayer, every service, every smile, by contributing to our work. Make a donation below, may Allah SWT put barakah in it and accept from you and us.

We Are Here To Serve You

We are here to listen to you and do our best to satisfy your needs whether you are a community member, a volunteer, a contributor or just interested to know what we do.

Please feel free to contact one of our team members.

ISNA Canada National | Telephone: 905.403.8406

Abdalla Idris Ali: [email protected]  | ext. 205

Senior Community and Religious Advisor

Ahmad Saleem: [email protected] | ext. 266

Community Centres Manager

Alaa Elsayed: [email protected]  | ext. 314

Resident Scholar

Aminna Syed: [email protected]  | ext. 231

Fund Development Manager

Dawood Zwink: [email protected] | ext. 238

Social Justice Manager

Farid Uddin: [email protected] | 416.904.5850

Funeral Service Coordinator

Hosam Helal: [email protected]  | ext. 228

Youth Counsellor and Educator

Mansoor Mohamed: [email protected]  | ext. 204

Accounting Assistant

Muhamed Patel: [email protected]  | 289.772.6331

Funeral Services Assistant

Musaab Maniar: [email protected] | ext. 200

Halal Certification Coordinator

Seema Khan: [email protected]  | ext. 222

Communications Manager

Shameem Mohammed: [email protected]  | ext. 239

Finance Manager

Yasmen Zaghloul: [email protected]  | ext. 208

Special Project Manager

ISNA Mississauga | Telephone: 905.403.8406

Hassan Ghani: [email protected] | ext. 266

ICC Facilities Coordinator

Ilyas Mohammad: [email protected]  | ext. 305

ICC Maintenance Supervisor

Mikha’il Delacruz: mikha’[email protected] | ext.  218

Bookstore Coordinator

ISNA Toronto (Jami) | Telephone: 415 769 1192

Amjed Syed: [email protected]  | ext. 0

Jami Office Administrator

Hamdy Abdelghaffar: [email protected]  | ext. 5

Imam of Jami Mosque

ISNA Yellowknife | 867 766 3124